Visitors are always welcome

The children and the head of school are happy to meet a sponsor in person. The Great Compassion Boarding School has two campuses because during winter season the school in Lo-Manthang has to cease.

A visit to the school of Pokhara (800 meters above see level)
There are different airline connections between Zurich and Katmandu. Pokhara can be reached from Katmandu by plane (30 minutes) or by bus in a one-day trip. A visit to the Pokhara School is possible all year round. However, during the summer season (April to October) only children in fourth grade and above stay in Pokhara. In winter, everyone moves to Pokhara.

A school visit to Lo-Manthang (3790 meters above see level)
The best way to start your journey to Lo-Manthang is from Pokhara. Fly from Pokhara to Jomson, but expect delays of two or three days due to bad weather cancellations. The passage by land to Jomson takes two or three days.
A special permit is also needed to travel to Lo-Manthang.

Several routes lead from Jomson to Lo-Manthang. Walking or by horse takes five to ten days. There is only limited accommodation during the rather challenging journey. Hence, many tour operators offer guided tours. In order to visit Lo-Manthang you should allow at least three weeks, preferably during summer (April to October). A road from Jomsom to Lo-manthang is currently under construction. The road will only be accessible from November to end of May when the water level of the river Kali Gandaki is low.

Himalaya's Children - Line up for washing up. Himalaya's Children - Young beauties from the school in Lo-Manthang. Himalaya's Children - Welcome ceremonies for arriving visitors in Lo-Manthang School.