Shortly after its foundation, the school was bursting at the seams

Lama Ngawang founded the Great Compassion Boarding School In 2000. The day and evening school started in a rented building with 30 children. By 2001, thanks to donations, the school moved into a new building in the traditional architecture style. Soon the school gained an excellent reputation and it comes as no surprise that even today, the demand for school places is strong. As facilities improved, the boarding school opened to allow children from remote villages to attend the Great Compassion Boarding School.

During the winter of 2000/2001, icy temperatures forced the school to close. By the time the school finally reopened in spring of 2001, the children had forgotten much of what they had learned. To ensure continuous schooling even in winter a house was rented in the lower city of Pokhara and in 2004, Lama Ngawang inaugurated the new school building.

The number of pupils increased from 30 children in year 2000 up to 200 pupils in 2012. There are still a number of children waiting for admission.

Himalaya's Children - Abecedarians in the Lo-Manthang School. Himalaya's Children - Why is this assignment so difficult? Himalaya's Children - Lama Ngawang, the teachers and the children on the schoolyard in Lo-Manthang.