The Kingdom is now open

In 1990 the Nepalese Government banned visits to the Kingdom of Mustang with very few exceptions. In autumn 1991 the first visitors were allowed in again, but with tight restrictions.

Visitor numbers were strictly limited with an official „escort“ on every trip. In addition, all supplies and tents had to be provided by the visitors and the Nepalese tourism authorities demanded a substantial „entrance fee“.

Up until today the quota of foreign visitors is limited. For travels to the Kingdom of Mustang a special permit to enter is required which costs USD 50 per day per person. An entry into the Kingdom is only permitted from 2 people upwards.

Himalaya's Children - People meet on their way. Surrounded by the impressive mountain skyline of Mustang a travel group is having a little chat. Himalaya's Children - Tent camp of a travel group. Himalaya's Children - Travel group on their way to Mustang.